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OCTOBER 2 - 4, 2009

No, it is not only our fate but our business to lose innocence, and once we have lost that, it is futile to attempt a picnic in Eden. -- Elizabeth Bowen

The Company presents a three-day special event: a two-person presentation/collaboration by Abel Baker Gutierrez and Bettina Hubby. Bettina’s accessories debut within Abel’s new photographs. Round ‘jewelry’ boxes house her new series of accessories with Abel’s photographs mounted onto each box; the objects will be displayed as part of an Eden-like installation within The Company’s garage space. The accessories will be modeled live at the grand opening on persons who embody the spirit of these images and objects.

Vernissage Friday, October 2nd from 6 in the evening until 9 Midissage Saturday, October 3rd from noon until 6 in the evening Finissage Sunday, October 4th from 6 in the evening until 9

It was because Abel’s work is rooted in the tensions of understanding identity and aspects of youth, as well as his mastery of mood that Bettina approached him to collaborate on this project. Both artists chose subjects who exude a quality of agelessness, gender-neutral beauty, and a momentary glimpse on the edge of losing their innocence. Eden served as the undercurrent for the works being created.

Bettina’s accessories can be categorized as men’s or women’s, and are made from labels, silk flowers, beads and magnets, making new functions/contexts for each. Anna Bruce collaborated on these works, under their new label, BENT. Piper Olf fabricated the circular boxes onto which the photos are mounted. Tyler Hubby’s film loop will be projected as part of the installation.

Painter/Photographer, Abel Baker Gutierrez's works explore a world of post-teen angst, development of sexual identity, and representations of masculinity in adolescence. Taking inspiration from rock music's aesthetic trends, internet subcultures, and old masters paintings, Gutierrez experiments with art materials and photography to create portraits and installations that reflect societal obsession with youth culture and issues of “growing up.” Abel Baker Gutierrez lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. For more info on Abel, please visit:

All of Bettina Hubby's work is one-of-a-kind and this project was garment related. Besides the reinvention of Hubby clothing at its core, HubbyCo's mission increasingly continues to produce innovative community-minded and collaborative projects that involve different artists, practices, and topics of interest - events that will strive to delight, inspire, inform and spark conversation. Each project will be unlike any preceding it. What they have in common is the curiosity in how other practices can intersect, create spectacles, and push us all into thoughts and results we wouldn't be able to realize independently. Bettina Hubby lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. HubbyCo is looking forward to the fruitfulness for the next project, which will culminate in a wedding: Get Hubbied 2010. For more info on Bettina, please visit:

For more information or additional images, please contact The or (213) 221-7082.

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