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Bettina Hubby's Exhibition "The Sexual Bronze Show," at the Lora Reynolds Gallery, Austin, blouinartinfo.com


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Bettina Hubby "The Sexual Bronze Show," wertical.com

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Panel and booksigning at MOCA for Both Sides of Sunset: Photographing Los Angeles; Five artists in search of a city. (After you click here, search for Hubby in the search window)

Love Potion #9: A Scented Matchmaking Event, by Tanja M. Laden, LA Weekly

Love Potion No. Nine: Institute for Art and Olfaction elevates the scents, by Ingrid Schmidt, Los Angeles Times


“For Openers" music video from Grammy Award, Pulitzer Prize-nominated audio journalist Michael C Ford featuring the work of
Bettina Hubby

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Artist Turns Breast Cancer Into Cause for Humorous, Boob-Themed Art Show, by Isabel Wilkinson, New York Magazine
View Slideshow here

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Nancy Grossman: Tough Life Diary, Review by Bettina Hubby, Art Book Review


Velocitation by Mary Otis, Collages by Bettina Hubby, Los Angeles Review of Books, 2013

Sites for Sore Eyes (and Ears): Artists of all kinds engage and entertian at High Desert Test Sites, Palm Springs Life, by Shana Nys Dambrot, 2013

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The Symbiosis of Artifact and Process In Bettina Hubby's 3 Construction Sites, by Chris Stroffolino, 2013

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Uniforms, ArtweekLA, text by Shana Nys Dambrot, music by Tezeo, video by Tanja M. Jaden, posted by Bill Bush, 2013

Bettina Hubby's "Pretty Limber" at the Klowden Mann Gallery, A Woman Defined, Mahvash Mossaed, 2013

Gallery KM Now Representing Bettina Hubby, 2013

Digging Bettina Hubby, A + R, by Rose Apocada, 2013 (See more photos here)

Dine amid the rubble, and 'dig the dig' at Bergamot Station, KCRW, by Lisa Napoli, 2013

Listen to the KCRW interview here

Dig the Dig Dinner, For Your Art, 2013

Dig the Dig, Voices Places, Shana Nys Dambrot, 2013

Bettina Hubby's Dig, The Institute Art and Olfaction, Saskia Wilson-Brown, 2013

Red Line Above Ground in DTLA, Expo Line Construction Art, Curbed Los Angeles, 2013

Smells Like Artistic Spirit: The Institute for Art and Olfaction, KCET, by Shana Nys Dambrot, 2013

Disco ball hangs on crane: Silver Lake nightmare inspires local artist to create hard-hat art, NPR, by Lisa Napoli, 2013

Listen to the NPR interview here

Public Art: A Contentious Silver Lake Construction Site Becomes a One-Night Art Party, LA Weekly, by Catherine Wagley, 2013

Artist Throws Party at Rowena Construction Site in Silver Lake, Curbed Los Angeles, by Adrian Glick Kudler, 2013

Pop Up Exhibit Saturday Documents Rowena Avenue's 'Big Dig,' Echo Park-Silver Lake Patch, by Anthea Raymond, 2013

Rowena Construction Site Party in Silver Lake, Terrini Photo, 2013

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An Eagle Rock shop that sells what else? Eagles and Rocks, KCRW, by Avishay Artsy, 2012

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Seeing Things | Getting Hubbied, New York Times Style Magazine, by Brooke Hodge, 2011

Getting Hubbied to A T, La Vie En Rose, by Rose Apocada, 2011

Go Get Hubbied, La Vie En Rose, by Rose Apocada, 2011

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Chinatown by Hubby: A Snapshot of an Era, Bettina Hubby in conversation with Hedi E Kholti and Chris Kraus, PARISLA, 2010

Couture Salvage, Bettina Hubby's CoTour '08, LA Weekly, by Lina Lecaro, 2008

Get on The Bus: Bettina Hubby's Los Angeles, Style File, by Erin Magner, 2008

Radar Now! CoTour '08, Angelino, by Steffie Nelson, 2008

Ready to Tear, New York Times Style Magazine, by Heidi Julavitz

Ruscha picks Hubby for Vogue Hommes, 2008

Hubby in the New York Times, by Heidi Julavitz, 2008

Runway Show as Exhibit: Mountain Show, LA Times, by Jessica Hundly, 2004

Anthem, 2004

LA People, Atmosphere, by Clare Crespo, 2001