In the series, The View of Bellmer, Hubby photographs Bellmer as he looks ahead, framed by the car window, capturing both the dog and the human’s view of the passing environment. Hubby's images demonstrate, often humorously, the discrepancy between what captures Bellmer’s attention and what captures her attention in the scene. She takes the photographs whilst stalled in traffic or at a stoplight and juxtaposes the framed vistas as seen out the car window with Bellmer’s blatant lack of interest in these scenarios. The juxtaposition allows the viewer to consider Bellmer as a discrete being with his own inner drives and attractions, engaged in his own sensory experience of the drive as it presents itself. It also gives Hubby a view of the world she might not notice were it not for Bellmer ignoring these scenes. Link here to view the sum total Instagram feed of images

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