“Side Effects May Include Art” June 14th - June 20th, 2015
The Situation Room- 2313 Norwalk Avenue, Los Angeles Opening Reception: Sunday, June 14th; Panel discussion June 19th at 7pm

Illness is built into the fabric of our lives by design. It is historical, recent and ever-present. Illness is one of life’s more indiscriminate agencies, affecting the young, old, rich, poor, famous and anonymous alike. However, unless personally afflicted, illness as a greater way of life is a life unacknowledged by many. It is an experience totally isolated as well as shared, riddled with victim blaming and victimization, a scientific yet entirely spiritual endeavor, and a battle fought by an individual as well as an army. It is not until it truly hits home that our eyes are opened to the realities of the sick, the diseased, and the terminally ill. It understandably brings out personal fears and harsh realities we would rather avoid.

Artists of all fields have confronted illness through art. By shining a light into a dark place of human existence, they open the door to a portal of formidable creative potential. This exhibition showcases the work of Patient Experience, a collective of artists each coping with their own illness. These artists have elected to channel their personal misfortune into a creative outlet. Patient Experience’s inaugural show, “Side Effects May Include Art,” is a small survey of work by these artists, individually and independently produced.

About Patient Experience Patient Experience was founded in late 2014. Beginning as a series of informal meetings, we quickly realized the dire need for discussion and community among artists who are not only battling illnesses, but also investigating that experience in a creative way. We now stand as a group of artists who produce work independently as well as collaboratively on health and illness, living and dying. As individuals, we continue to make work from our own personal motivations and intentions. As a collective, we strive to open the discussion on illness with art that is dark, humorous, and unflinchingly real for a conversation of sincerity and authenticity.

Patient Experience members include Siobhan Hebron, Bettina Hubby, Hannah Karsen, Daniel Leighton, Ted Meyer, Lauren Potts, Dominic Quagliozzi, Sarah (SK) Riley, Sydney Snyder, and Dylan Trumbull.

Inquiries: patientexperiencecollective@gmail.com

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