Michael Heizer, the big (340 ton) rock is coming our way

As most of us in the LA art arena are aware, there is a very very very big rock set to travel to LACMA this year, and then to be levitated: "Levitated Mass," has garnered loads of attention for its load-ness and the mass of red tape that has blocked its passage. Its going to happen though I have a feeling. Michael Goven of LACMA has to get it here now, after spending so much money thus far to do so.

click here for the most recent news - it really is on the way! click here from the LA Times about the coming of the rock

Here's what it says on the LACMA website: Levitated Mass, coming Soon

Levitated Mass by artist Michael Heizer is composed of a 456-foot-long slot carved into the earth, over which is placed a 340-ton monolithic granite boulder. As with other works by the artist, such as Double Negative (1969), the monumental negative form is key to the experience of the artwork. Heizer conceived of the artwork in 1968, but discovered an appropriate boulder, which is one component of the greater artwork, only decades later, in Riverside, California. At 340 tons, the boulder is one of the largest monoliths moved since ancient times. Taken whole, Levitated Mass speaks to the expanse of art history, from ancient traditions of creating artworks from monolithic stone, to modern forms of abstract geometries and cutting-edge feats of engineering.

Image: Michael Heizer, preliminary sketch for Levitated Mass, 2011, courtesy of the artist © Michael Heizer

click here for the website about Heizer's past works. He's no stranger to rocks

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