Meeting with Emily Hopkins at Side Street Projects

A hive of bus' and trailers, Side Street Projects (click here) exists within and beyond them. Their introductory quote on their website kinda says it best:

We teach artists how to roll up their sleeves and do things themselves with educational programs that encourage self-reliance and creative problem solving in a contemporary art context.

A great feature about them on KPCC:

Side Street Projects from KPCC on Vimeo.

Side Street hosts artist projects on site, they have a myriad of art classes for kids as a part of The Woodworking Bus & Trailer program, and a particularly artist-valuable podcast series called What Do Curators Want and an artist lecture series, called Shop Talk. They also have equipment to rent for artists on site for extremely reduced rates. I came in last year to scan some of my collages on their large scanner. A blessed resource it was, and a pleasant way to spend time, since everyone who has anything to do with the place seems to have to be interesting, humorous and easy to be around.

I also got a kick out of their description of where they're located:

Side Street Projects is temporarily located in a vacant lot in-between Church’s Fried Chicken & an abandoned victorian house that is slated for development. Our lot is 25,000 sq ft and has some wonderful features including a foundation of an old barbershop.

Emily, the Director, has given me the proverbial thumbs up for The Rock and Eagle Shop, and has committed to helping in one, some or many ways. She already has. My failing pen was scratching away as her suggestions re: funding and storefronts and alternative spaces flowed out of her. I have a lot to do now in following up on all that she advised, but feel better about everything due to our sit-down.

There may even be a bus in our future. That is something that could be explored, not without its own set of complexities, but a whole new set of charms as well.

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