On the crux of the weekend it was getting stuff done day.

I had lunch with Brooke Hodge, who heads the Publications Department at the Hammer Museum. She was a guest of the Get Hubbied wedding and an esteemed writer about that project for the New York Times T Magazine blog under her column called "Seeing Things" (click here for that article). I wanted to see what her thoughts were about this venture - I knew she'd be a great idea machine. Suffice it to say, I took a lot of notes and will follow her sage advice to the letter. She also turned me onto a great website called Dave's Down to Earth Rock Shop, click here for that world of fun.

Then I went to the Eagle Rock Farmer's market and met with this guy AJay who runs a website, Patch Eagle Rock, for local news, events and announcements. I thought it would be useful to meet him and just ask how to get the word out, and he ended up liking the project so much, he's going to write a story about it on the site to help me promote, as well as to find a space.

January 27th

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