I never knew how much literal junk gets sold online

Now that I'm using my Rock and Eagle filter in looking at the world and to find those things in the world, I have stumbled upon the realization that people make money off of selling things of no value whatsoever, even things that have pieces missing or are broken. Now, for the Rock and Eagle Shop, some of these things are useful and desirable to me, more for poetic and or comedic value than nostalgia - certainly not for filling a niche on my nic-nac shelf, but the mind reels that scores of people across our land are packing these bits and bobs up in boxes and sending them to each other for cash. Makes me think I may be in the wrong business. Here's an article telling you how to get in on it. As I mentioned before though, most of my findings are heartfelt and come from sincere sources of creativity.

January 30th

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