Big announcement, wide-eyed happy news

My favorite reaction to the announcement thus far!

After a lot of imploring, favor-calling and outreach to relative strangers, palm-sweaty nights thinking of having to resort to a lean-to in an empty lot, we have our shop!

The address, the delightful key-in-hand address, is: 4765 Eagle Rock Blvd. LA CA 90041


Now its all about brooms, bleach and elbow grease, scraping, painting and obfuscating. TLC is achingly needed, but I'm wearing my jeans, and its in my genes.

And so, as a tribute to my own inner delight, and as a result of a sick cute animal video vortex I fell into on YouTube after finding the startled eagle, here are some other animals, reacting to the news

the dramatic Chipmunk

the dramatic Alpaca

the dramatic Sloth

the dramatic Lemur

And, ya gotta have a cat: the OMG cat

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