the load is heavy, but this image makes it funnier

Tiny load: Inspired by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Rock, Colin Brown places a rock on a Matchbox model of a Lamborghini Miura in Griffith Park on March 10.

These few days have been a mash-up of loads. Catalog deadline and super stressful situations caused by my no-knowhow of graphic design programs and that ole mercury in retrograde thing that has been sticking its nasty protuberant head into all my business. I just seem able to turn my t-shirt around to go to bed and wake with eye drops, tea and an open computer. I've never worked harder on anything in my life. That's saying something I guess. The catalog is in the fine hands of Donahue printing now, so a huge heavy rock load has been transposed off my shoulders, and the space is almost painted completely. Bright green is our facade now! Now for dealing with the ugh of fluorescent and shelving, and then the magic inventory can come in and fill the space with eagleness and rockness and art of thus. Rocky road ice cream is good as I recall...

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